Terms & Conditions

Carita Cosmetiikka sells products in European Union. Prices includetaxes. We reserve the right to change the prices of products and shipping.


We use international online store. Add products toshopping cart and pay them at the checkout. Our online store system sends you confirmation of the order toyour providedemail address after the purchase. We handle all yourinformation confidentially.

Payment with bank and credit cards


Orders areshipped in Finland byPosti and elsewhere in European Union byGLS Finland. Choose shipping method in checkout. 

Shipping fees

We add shipping fees in addition toproduct prices. You see thetotal price of the orderatcheckoutafter you have chosen the shipping method. 

Delivery time

We shipthe ordersin 1-2 working daysafter the order has beenplaced. If thestock is empty, we willsuspendordering of the products from theonline store until thestock is refilled. 


You have a right to return the products you are not happy with for 14 days after receiving them according to EU policy. You are required to notify Carita Cosmetiikka about the returnduring14 days after the products havearrived. Wecan only acceptnon-usedand merchantable productsin intact packaging.

Notify about returning of products by email: carita@caritacosmetiikka.fi . In the message, include yourcontact information, bank account and bank information and alsoreason forthe return. Return shippingcosts are not covered and must be paid by the customer.

Faulty products

Faulty products are replaced with thesame or comparable product. If you notice afault in our product,contact us immediately byemail: carita@caritacosmetiikka.fi. 

Empty stock

Sometimes, but rarely, there might be ashortage of ingredients, whenwe can’t produce particular products. There might also be a shortage of packaging material. In these cases, we willnotify about theshortagesonour website as soon as possible. 

General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR:

Carita Cosmetiikka
Huhdanojantie 19
01900 Nurmijärvi

Contact person concerning General Data Protection Regulation:
Miika Virtanen / carita@caritacosmetiikka.fi

Name of registry:
Carita Cosmetiikan verkkokaupan asiakastietokanta
(Carita Cosmetiikka online store client database)

Reason for the registry:
Online store customer relation in ordering and subscribed newsletters.

Use of data

Carita Cosmetiikka handles all thepersonal informationconfidentially and information is always stored digitally behind encryption. Personal information is onlyused for processing the order. Contents of thedatabase areonly accessedby Carita Cosmetiikka and/or customerwho has made the order. Carita Cosmetiikka willnever release anyinformation to third partiesor outside of European Union. We might send news and/or offers forsubscribers of our newsletter. Customercan always contact the contact person of registryand forbid theusage of theinformation entirely forand demandproper and safe removal of theinformation.

Carita Cosmetiikka
Huhdanojantie 19, 01900 Nurmijärvi