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We believe humans are a ‘natural product’.

The best humans can use for their skin and hair care is nature’s plant-based oils and nature’s own ingredients.


Human skin regognizes organic products as familiar ingredients. We are using nature’s first-class plant-based oils in our products such as coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, hemp oil, oat oil, almond oil and shea butter. We are also using organic aloe vera, sea weed, nettle, clay, salt, peat and tar. Naturally we are using authentic essential oils and scents.

Oils & Butters



Hemp oil holds plenty of omega-3-6-9 acids. It gently nourishes and treats the skin, hair and scalp. It is also good for people with atopic eczmea. Hemp oil is suitable for normal hair, greasy hair and scalp, but also for dry skin and scalp. The oil is rich in nutrients and is absorbed into the skin without blocking pores.



Almond oil contains fatty acids and vitamins, such as vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and E. Almond oil is traditionally used as a massage oil. Almond oil moisturizes the skin efficiently.


Jojoba oil is made of wax inside of nuts of Jojoba plant. Jojoba oil helps to maintain the moisture balance of the skin. It also can help to reduce production of sebum. Jojoba oil is quickly absorbed and spreads evenly and moisturizes the skin, hair and scalp. Jojoba oil protects the skin from harmful bacteria and helps treat acne.


Castor oil is a sanitizing oil which treats and solidifies dry skin. It even helps healing of scars. In hair products castor oil helps to prevent hair loss and helps to grow new hair and volumizes already existing hair.



Coconut oil contains plenty of fatty acids, triglycerides and natural tocopherols. Coconut oil is extremely protecting and an excellent skin moisturizer. It is used for its calming and cooling effects and for maintaining the structure of skin and hair. Coconut oil is antibacterial and full of antioxidants. It prevents the skin from signs of aging and is gentle for the skin.


We use hiqh-quality olive oil in our soaps. Olive oil treats and softens the skin. Olive oil has plenty of vitamin E, phenols, polyphenols, phenol acid, sterols and beta-carotene. Olive oil treats and helps infected skin.


Shea butter has a unique fatty acid composition, which calms and protects the skin. It prevents wrinkles from appearing. Shea butter contains vitamins A, E and F, minerals, protein and important acids. Shea butter is excellent for moisturizing the skin of the whole body, from the face to the heels, even to the lips.

Other treating ingredients



Activated carbon can is extracted from burned coconut shell ashes. It effectively soaks up harmful substances and impurities. Activated carbon is an excellent addition to increase soap's cleansing effect.



Aloe vera is a powerful moisturizer. Aloe vera is refreshing and makes the skin elastic. Aloe vera contains many vitamins, such as vitamin A, B and E, beta-Carotene, calsium, magnesium and zinc. It has antiseptic, cleansing and calming effect on the skin. It is used also for treating acne and atopic skin.


Natural, clean and genuine Himalayan salt without additives or chemical processing. It contains a lot of minerals such as iron, potassium and magnesium. In the salt, there has been found over 80 chemical elements. The color is due to trace minerals.


LehtoPeat® treatment peat is collected from approximately 5000-6000 years old peat moss swamp. LehtoPeat® treatment peat cleanses, activates, relaxes, refreshes, eases stress and boosts metabolism and skins blood circulation. LehtoPeat® treatment peat contains magnesium, zinc, copper, calsium and silicon for skin and scalp.



Dead Sea's mud contains plenty of minerals: magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron. Dead Sea's mud cleanses, solidifies, calms, removes impurities and makes the skin smooth and treats different kinds of skin problems such as acne.


The corn starch has a very fine powder composition and binds well to moisture. As a raw material, corn starch gives the product a very smooth and soft structure. We use Austrian organic corn starch in deodorant creams to bind the sweat to keep the skin dry.


Seaweed grows in the ocean and it accumulates many nutriens and minerals. Most notable of the minerals is iodine. When seaweed is used on the skin, it brings relief on sensitive skin and scalp. It can also help with acne and eczema. Seaweed has calming effect on the skin and scalp.


Mica powders are natural pigments. Mica powders get their color from natural iron oxides. In our products, we only use responsibly manufactured Mica powders from Europe.


Nettle has a long history with hair, scalp and nail care. Nettle naturally contains many minerals and trace elements such as zinc, potassium, copper, calcium and silicon. Nettle contains many vitamins such as vitamin A, C, B2 and B5. Nettle contains many ingredients which nourish the hair and scalp. These components help against flaking and itching. We grow, pick, drain and grind our nettles ourselves and their origin is from our own organic field.


Beer contains protein and vitamin B, which nourishes and strengthens dry hair. The hair becomes shiny and easy to manage.


Apple cider vinegar helps to keep the hair's pH balanced. It cleanses the hair products' remains without removing the hair's own natural oils. Apple cider vinegar closes the hairs cuticles and makes them smooth, soft and shiny. Apple cider vinegar prevents flaking and it also has antimicrobial properties. In addition it prevents the hair from tangling up and makes it easier to style the hair. Apple cider vinegar stimulates scalp's blood circulation and stimulates hair growth. Apple cider vinegar can also be used as conditioner.


Sodium carbonate is carbonic acid natrium salt. It is either naturally mined or chemically produced. Before the chemical technique, it was extracted from the ashes of seaweed. Sodium carbonate can be used in many ways. In cosmetics, it is used to cleanse and prevent unwanted smells. In our cosmetics, we use natural sodium carbonate in the deodorant creams to neutralize unwanted smells.


Tar has been widely used in medical treatments and for skin problems. Tar is antiseptic and stimulating, kills funguses, decreases itching and calms insect's bites. Tar relieves psoriasis' and ezcema's symptoms. It is especially suitable for sensitive skin.


Kaolin contains silicon, magnesium and dietary minerals which strenghtens and calms skin, hair and scalp. Kaolin absorbs the impurities of the skin leaving natural oils in place. Kaolin is great for sensitive and dry skin because it relieves irritation and redness. Kaolin stabilizes tallow's compose and is even suitable for infected skin.


Green clay cleanses skin's harmful substances and pollution because of green clay's unique mineral composition. Green clay fits for greasy skin, congested skin and acne skin. Green clay contains silicon, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphore, potassium and copper. Green clay is antibacteric and limits greasy skin producing tallow within simultaneously deep cleansing skin. Green clay powerfully cleanses silicons and other chemicals of hair and scalp.

Essential oils



Anise oil boosts skins blood circulation.


Orange oil is aromatic and antimicrobic made of orange peels. It has cleansing effect on the skin and uplifts your mood.


Cajeput oil is antiseptic, essential oil made of leaves and branches of Cajeput tree.


Eucalyptus oil is aromatic and antimicrobic oil that revives, brightens, cools and strenghtens skin, scalp and hair.



Crisp, fresh and aromatic oil made of grapefruit peels. It cleanses efficiently greasy skin and prevents from cellulite.


Cinnamon leaf oil is warm and spicy oil, which has antimicrobic and disinfective effect.


Aromatic oil made of juniper needles, wood and berries with antimicrobic effect. It boosts skins blood circulation and it has refreshing effect. It helps with swelling and shrinks pores.



Spruce oil is disinfective essential oil, that has refreshing and empowering effect.


Lavender oil is calming, relaxing and antimicrobic oil. It has beneficial effects with acne, scars, burns, stings and psoriasis.


Antimicrobial oil made of lime peel with refreshing effect. Lime oil helps skin with acne. In hair products it prevents dandurff.


Litsea oil is essential oil with mood lifting effect. It relaxes and eases stress. It’s fits with greasy skin and hair.


Black pepper oil has boosting effect on skins blood circulation. Black pepper oil is warming and empowering.


Pine oil is aromatic and antioxidant oil. It decreases free radicals, prevents from skins premature aging and decreases redness of inflamed skin. Pine oil is suitable with skin problems such as spots, itch, atopy, eczema and psoriasis.


Myrtle oil is sensitive oil. It revives skin with pores (acne).


Pelagronium oil balances skins dry and greasy moisture equilibrium. It’s mood lifting and relaxing. It helps with swelling, cellulite and it’s antiseptic.


Peppermint oil is aromatic oil with menthol. It revives and cools down tired skin. It strengthens hair, revives scalp and boosts hair growth.


Rosemary oil is antimikrobic and it revives skins blood circulation. In hair products it stimulates hair follicles, nurishes scalp, prevents dandruff and hair loss.

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Rose oil is balancing, refreshing and calming oil. Rose oil is very valuable oil. For one drop of rose oil goes approximately 30 rose pedals. Rose oil is mood lifting, euphoric and is suitable for different skintypes. It’s especially suitable for sensitive, dry skin and skin with couperosa.



Lemon oil in antimicrobic oil, that brightens and revives tired skin and gives relief to acne. In hair products it helps to strenghten the hair, prevents from dandurff and gives hair shiny look.


Lemon grass oil is antiseptic oil, that strengthens the skin and shrinks pores. It balances sebum secretion and helps with acne treatment.


Tea tree oil is antispetic. It prevents bacteria and fungal growth and promotes skin healing. It is suitable for skin with pimples, acne and even ininflamed skin.

Other natural cosmetic ingredients



Hardener accepted in natural cosmetics to give structure to bar soap and to make it last longer.


Sucrose laurate is natural plant sugar and coconut oil based gentle emulgator accepted in natural cosmetics. Sucrose laurate leaves the skin cared and soft.


Accepted preservative in natural cosmetics, that we use in our Salt Scrubs. It prevents the Salt Scrub from spoiling if inpurities gets in the Salt Scrub during use.