Our story

We are producing handmade high quality natural cosmetics with a big heart in a small workshop in Nurmijärvi, Finland. We use only high quality ingredients. Our products are inspired by our want and need to use natural cosmetics and produce them from natural plant-based oils, clays and essential oils.

First we made soaps and shampoos just for family and friends. After some time, other people started to become interested in our products and wanted to try them. Quite soon after that, we founded our company Carita Cosmetiikka in the spring of 2016. Now we make our products to everyone who wants them!

Our values include authenticity and transparency. We use only high quality ingredients and we test our products for several weeks or months before we start to sell them. We test our products with several people whose skin and hair types are very different. Therefore our products are all tested by people and are also good for You!

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Carita Cosmetiikka
Huhdanojantie 19, 01900 Nurmijärvi

Carita & Miika
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